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I’m born and raised in the north of Holland in the windy weather and clay soil. I later went to Amsterdam to study.

During my studies at the art academy for textiles I’ve always been interested in plant dye and the human connection to it’s surroundings.

I had the luck to be able to participate in an exchange with the Art Academy in Tokyo and it was there where I encountered tradicional techniques.

I went to a tropical Island all the way in the south of Japan called ‘Iriomote’ where I worked for 2 months in a textile studio. They were colouring with local plants and weaving with ‘Basho’, a fibre made from the banana plant.

It was there that I experienced the freedom of working with natural colours and the surprises and gifts from nature.

Moving two years ago to the beautiful island Mallorca gave me the chance to continue my journey with natural colours. You are more than welcome to visit me on our finca in the centre of Mallorca.

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