Welcome to the world of natural colours 

For centuries people used plants and natural material to obtain beautiful colours for their textiles. It is only now that we sometimes forget how life used to be when we were completely dependent on what was growing around us.

Working with natural colours helps us to reconnect to the earth and to find appreciation and amazement for what is possible from natural resources. Visit our Finca in Mallorca for a workshop and bring home your own beautiful natural creation.

I love working with natural colours and for me, the process of dyeing gives me a very free feeling. Especially when all the material you are using isn’t harmful to your surroundings. This means I can use my wastewater and material as food for the plants. Creating my own garments or artworks gives great satisfaction and I would love to share this experience by teaching what I know.


Introduction to Natural dyeing
Introduction to Indigo dyeing
Indigo Katazome
Natural colours for Children



Work in process. Series of indigo tapestries. Natural indigo on linen.
“A view”


Work in process, natural indigo on linen


Introduction to Natural Dyeing

In this workshop I will explain a bit about the background of natural dyeing as well as teaching you technical knowledge. After that, we will create our own textile which can be a garment, tote bag or wall hanging.

Introduction to Indigo Dyeing

Indigo is a world apart and in this workshop we will go deeper into the magical colour blue. It has it’s own special way of preparation. Using the ‘shibori’ technique we will create beautiful textile patterns together. Optional pieces are for instance a tote bag, garment, scarf or a flag line.

Indigo Katazome

In this workshop we will use the indigo vat for dyeing our textile and the katazome rice paste for making designs. Katazome is stencil dyeing which means you have a lot of freedom to create the pattern you desire on your garment or textile.

Natural colours for Children

This is an interactive workshop for a maximum of 8 children where I will explain a bit about the origin of colours.
After that we will create our own designs of t-shirts or gym bags using clips and rope.
I also do workshops on location as a Baby shower, Wedding activity, Birthdays or other events.